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Drive sales through knowledge about customers (know their needs and the products they like) and through the right behaviour (what, when and how to do it). Sales is always a communication in two directions. Your look at your customer and your customer is looking at you and your company. It is your decision to show your customers what they should see.

1. Communicate

Establishing communication procedures between your company and the people representing your corner of the market. It is invaluable to know what they are looking for, waiting for and think about you and your products. In former times it was very expensive and complicated to get this information. Today this information is available for free in social networks.

2. Share

Sharing means caring. There is a lot of truth in this verdict. Sharing of social information among your employees, sharing company and product relevant information with the market makes the difference today. Don't be driven by information. Staying ahead of your competitors driving the the communication makes the difference.

3. Collaborate

In the perfect world information about customers and their current needs would float free between your sales and support stuff. To encourage the breaking of silos internal social tools enriched with social information from the world wide web about your current and potential future customers help a lot to stay ahead of competition.

4. Structure

A lot of data is available today from social networks and other data sources. These data needs to selected, enriched and put in relation to the existing data to have value. It is not so much the amount more the quality of the data what makes the differences. It is key to have accurate, complete and recent data to support.

5. Integrate

Information from Social Networks and other data sources need to be integrated in existing IT landscapes. Developing individual integration points is very cost intensive and time consuming as these portals are in a constant change. Automation with highly sophisticated interactive tools keeps control of the steady change and cuts down cost.

Social CMR is key to collect all information needed in an industrialized way to bring your company to the next level. Sales, Service and Marketing are not longer separate entities. Through merging, understanding and accessing structured and unstructured data they are able to share information and represent your company in a uniform customer focused way. This allows you today to stay in control of your brand in a multiples ways total different then it used to be in the past.

The Social-CRM-Squad supports you in the redesign of existing business processes and creation of data extractions bots to automate these tasks.
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